Well-accepted trademark especially in Czech Republic with high level of public recognation.

Brand name LAKTOS was registered for the first time on 24th November 1936 and today is protected in an international register.

Under the Laktos brand you find the products not only in Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Poland and in other markets.

LAKTOS products during 30' - 40'

Laktos processed cheese 30'Laktos processed cheese 30'Laktos processed cheese 30'Laktos processed cheese 40'

LAKTOS products during 50'- 60´

Ice Cream Misa 50'Ice Cream Nanuk 60'Processed cheese 50´Processed cheese 60´ Processed cheese 60´Processed cheese 60´

LAKTOS products during 70' - 80'

Processed cheese 70'Processed cheese 70'Processed cheese 80'Processed cheese 80'

LAKTOS labels obtained from LAKTOS Collection

Actual LAKTOS retail products

Actual proccessed cheeseCurd - butter specialitiesProcsed cheese-trianglsCreamy dessertGervais

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