LAKTOS has two production plants in Krasná Hora nad Vltavou in the Příbram region. One of them is located in the downtown area and is focused on production of processed cheeses, fresh cheese and cheese specialties. This plant underwent full refurbishment in 2018 and has been equipped with modern lines for processed cheese production and production of termized dairy products.

The second plant is located on the outskirts of the town. It is divided into two production sections, one of which contains the cheese cutting operation, where produced cheese slices, small blocks and shredded cheese are produced. This part was built in 2017. The other part consists of a dairy production facility that was opened at the beginning of 2018. Allami, a Halloumi-type cheese for grilling, is made here. Here it is produced Allami – a cheese for grilling type Halloumi. This is a unique product on the dairy market. The superior quality of this cheese is due to production technology that is unique in the Czech Republic, taking into the consideration the large extent of manual work. This product was awarded the KLASA quality seal in August 2018.

The main emphasis in production is placed on the quality of raw materials and  maintaining the hygienic standards and top-class quality of our products. LAKTOS products are regularly recognised for their quality and their packaging has received national design awards.